Regal Construction functions superbly in the D+B approach and has the expertise to extract the best from each participant. Regal works closely with the design team and major subcontractor trades to provide the absolute best combination of price, quality and schedule to maximize the benefit to the owner.
— Barry Scairono, AIA – Scairono Martinez Architects

Single Source

Regal has the proven ability and resources to manage the entire design and construction process from conception to close-out. We are proud to provide clients with an accountable, single-source service for all aspects of their projects, affording them more time to focus on their growing businesses.

Added Value

Project team members use their combined subject matter expertise to add value during all phases of the project. Regal leverages this knowledge to provide design and construction solutions that are tailored to our clients’ operational needs and budgets.

Time Savings

Our D+B process emphasizes the concurrency of design, budgeting and permitting. Pricing occurs throughout the design process, reducing the time needed to develop a final cost and allowing for early detection of long lead items. Our clients are able to occupy their new facilities significantly earlier than compared with traditional project delivery methods.

Cost Control

Regal D+B promotes early establishment of the project budget which is continuously and accurately monitored throughout the duration of the design phase. By doing so, Regal prevents blown budgets often associated with traditional project delivery methods and the time-consuming redesign efforts that ensue. Regal D+B results in fewer change and extra work orders through earlier detection and elimination of design errors, omissions or unknowns that can drive up actual cost.

Communication & Collaboration

Regal D+B promotes true teamwork between all stakeholders - owner, contractor, architect, engineers and select subcontractor trades. Project innovations are developed when all team members are effectively communicating. Having a D+B team in place from inception through completion dramatically increases efficiencies in both cost and schedule.