Regal presents commercial building wall mock-up to LSU Construction Management Department

Marc Bourgeois, President of Regal Construction, recently presented a mock-up of a commercial building wall section to the LSU Construction Management Department and Department Chair, Charles Berryman, PH.D. The custom model was designed and constructed by Regal and our valued trade partners to provide CM students with a one-of-a-kind, hands-on learning tool. Regal would like to thank Scairono Martinez Architects, Wayne Industries, Economy Brick, Bullseye Masonry, Laplace Glass Works, Juneau Odenwald, Inc., RAM Construction Services and Contractors Supply & Equipment Co. as well our dedicated employees for their efforts in the development of the model. Regal would also like to thank our friends at The Lemoine Company for their efforts in offloading the 1,500-pound model!